5 Best Water Sports Activities In Goa

List of Adventure Water Sports in Goa!

Goa Calangute and baga Jet Ski

List of water sports in Goa must be included in your bucket list for the year. The overwhelming blue crown that this western state wears will leave you breathless for sure.  Shiny sun on waves takes you to another level of thrill and enjoyment. Covered with the beautiful Arabian Sea, water sports in Goa has created a magical touch for tourists to indulge with.

No doubt there are a number of water sports included in Goa’s aqua activities, people or rather we must say tourists find their true solace from the month of October to May. This is the perfect time when the skies are clear and blue; the waters in the meantime stay beautifully subtle. Below are some of the water sports activities among the many fantastic ones in the “land of beaches”.


Parasailing in Goa Prices

If you love heights and are an adventure freak, this one is a big yay for you! For first-timers, parasailing is going to make you crazy and forget everything when you touch the wind at a certain height.

From above, the beautiful view of Goa leaves you amazed.  Like all the water sports this one is available at the famous beaches in Goa like Calangute and Baga in North or Palolem in South.

It basically is a parachute tied with a rope to the boat. The rope is about 300m long, attached to the parasail harness at one end and to the speedboat at the other. As soon as the boat catches speed, voila! you are in the air. You can either close your eyes and feel the air or open them wide to see the heaven below you.


Goa Calangute and baga Jet Ski

Speed, coordination and thrill goes hand in hand when it comes to motorbikes or let us say the professional word that is used “jet-ski”. The word coordination is used because it takes 2 to ride this mind-blower.

One can find this water sports activity in Goa at Candolim beach, Dona Paula, Calangute. Not to forget speed here is the main attraction and the softness of ocean turns into crashing waves right from your tip to toe.

Does not that sound wonderful??? Although it is recommended for kids to stay away from this as the speed of the bike and its twists and turns may not make a happy experience for them.


Goa Calangure Bana Boat Water Sports

The Banana rides are taken as one of the hangovers you get without getting drunk. Seriously, it takes you for a big ride in the waters like the ones you experience with water bikes and then comes the tricky part.

So it first takes you for a ride and then throws you back in the waters. Yes, you heard it right! The Banana ride is an activity where the ending part is a surprise… You are literally thrown like a big rock and it actually hurts when you clash with the waves but as soon as you come out of it the head roles and the after effect is just awesome.


Goa Scuba Diving Season

Water lover? Well, this one is for you. Below the seas, there is a world covered with mesmerizing and gigantic coral reefs, the underwater life makes you feel like you are on top of the world even when you are actually underwater.

Scuba Diving is suggested as one of the top activities for water sports in Goa. The Grande Island is the best selection and the attractive spot for Scuba Diving. Coral Reefs, Jellyfishes and Dolphins leave you stunned and takes you to a world full of green and blue jewels hidden in the water.

Important Note – please read all the instructions on a pre-diving session or this thrilling and beautiful experience may turn to a life lesson.


Best Boat Trip Activities in Goa

This might sound a bit simple but it would be complete injustice and underestimate the boat trip. Simply get in touch with the representative at your hotel or lodging and ask about the “grand island trip”.

It is a great investment of time and money. It takes you from a point in the North Goa through the boat and on the way it lets you swim the beautiful Arabian Sea. Then finally the boat takes you to the island where hot food with barbeque is served with some loud beats.

This water sports activity is one of the options to be done with kids yes unless they are not very much comfortable with the tricky turns of boats!!!

Best Season and Time for Water Sports in GOA?

When to go for water Sports activities in Goa a
Most Water Sports are unavailable in Goa during the Monsoon Season

Many a time there are customized package options available for water sports in Goa. But one must not miss out the months from October to April for a happy memory. Certainly, the island trip takes one complete day, other water sports activities in Goa can be enjoyed either early morning or the time between sheer afternoon and sunset.

Not to forget the glam and glory of diving casinos on a cruise though. They add on more to your pretty memories along with a bit of gambling.


Whether that is transport, water sports or shopping- do not forget to bargain. Usually, the packages for 4 or 5 activities can cost you 1500 to 1700 INR.  Although if the packages are complex with Scuba Diving etc then the cost can rise up to  5000 INR.  But you can always bargain for a few bucks, you know a little hundred here and there.  You never know which penny saved can help you where and when you are in a place like Goa where no private tourism department is permitted.

BEST BEACHES FOR WATER SPORTS IN GOA: Bogmalo Beach, Calangute, Baga beach, Dona Paula, Palolem

Water sports in Goa can give you amazing experiences. Make sure that you choose happiness over everything and do not overload that roaming list of yours. Visit the beautiful place at least once in your lifetime and do not forget to slay every minute.

There are other locations than Goa for water sports but this land of beaches has a different feeling of getting that trip slam book filled. Simply enjoy the blue and green blessing that is Goa and seize the trip.

Written by Kristein

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