The Best Travel Apps for Traveling in 2020

Let tech fuel your next vacation with these amazing travel apps

Travel Apps

The mobile phone is quite obviously your best travel buddy in this day and age. From booking Flight tickets to getting the best deals on hotel rooms, we as travelers are now more integrated with our smartphones than ever when it comes to making travel plans.

With technology that connects travelers from around the world at the tip of your fingertips, traveling has never been more convenient in the history of mankind. Out of all the technology that is available on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store, we have listed out some of the best travel apps that you will find very handy on your next vacation. Some of these apps may be well known to you. Others are hidden gems that open up endless possibilities and change your entire approach to Hotel Booking and Roadtrip Planning.

best apps for travelling around the world in 2019


So without further ado here are some of the best travel apps available on the market. All free of cost of course!

Hotel booking is one of the most key aspects of traveling today. Every day, booking websites are giving business to hundreds of thousands of hotels all over the world. They do this primarily with the help of great deals, 24/7 customer service and intuitive interfaces which makes booking hotel rooms child’s play.

Amidst the sea of booking websites that are available, stands out as the clear favorite for travelers around the world. traveling app provides a near seamless booking experience for thousands of hotels across hundreds of countries. Add to this the fact that their user reviews and photos set the benchmark for what hotel booking should be.

Excellent customer service and intriguing reward policies make your definitive hotel booking app.

Have you ever had to cancel your Hotel booking due to changes in your travel plans? Hotel booking cancellation is accompanied by cancellation charges. Even on great websites like, non-refundable rooms means cancellation charges.

A great app that allows you to circumvent this and save a few extra bucks on the side is Roomer Travel.

Roomer Travel travel app

Roomer Travel

The ingenious idea that is lets you sell your booking online to others who may need it. This way, you avoid paying the cancellation charges, and end up selling your booking to someone who actually needs it. Savings and Good Karma rolled into one!

Moreover, you can sell the room at the price you want. But don’t get too greedy. After all, you want to sell your non-refundable booking.

But what about last minute hotel bookings? What if the change in your travel plans occurred at the eleventh hour and you have to change your booking immediately for a room you are going to stay in tonight?

It is pretty well known that hotel prices like flight prices get expensive as the day of your stay nears. To tackle this problem we have one of the best travel apps which also happens to be one of the least known of them all. We are of course talking about Hotel Tonight.

HotelTonight Travel apps

Hotel Tonight

As counter-intuitive as it may be for you to book your hotel room on the day of your arrival, Hotel Tonight helps you get better deals on immediate bookings than what you would have got had you booked it a week or two ago.

Every Hotel in the world wants to make sure that every room in their catalog is occupied at all times. you can understand that this is borderline impossible. So when they realize that a certain room is guaranteed to go unsold on the day, they will upload the room onto Hotel Tonight with the sole purpose of getting the room sold.

Now, the Hotel wants to make money out of a room on which there were going to earn nothing on that night. So don’t be surprised to find super luxe hotel rooms at close to 50% discount.

Hotel Tonight lets you book rooms in luxury hotels as well as budget hotels at mind-boggling prices. Funnily enough, these prices are only applicable if you make your booking for tonight!

The only drawback for this app is the fact that their services are not yet available in Asia.

If you have no use for hotel booking as your next great vacation will have you riding through winding roads and beautiful mountain vistas with you friends or on your own then we would like to direct you to Roadrippers travel app


Roadtrippers is an amazing travel app that is best defined as a road trip planning assistant. Everything from the best routes, the most scenic routes, activities that you will find on your way and even activities that you will find a little ways off your route are all highlighted by this amazing app.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg as Roadtrippers finds you detours, pitstops, fuel pumps, hotels, restaurants, emergency medical care, garages, anything and everything under the sun that you would need on your next road trip.

So make sure to check out Roadtrippers, one of the best travel apps for your next foray off the beaten path.

But even on your road trip, you would sure like to rest your head somewhere cozy. One of the most renown travel apps for booking your stay is without doubt Airbnb.

AirBNB travel app


Airbnb connects you directly to individuals who want to rent out their homestays. This goes beyond what you would find in a hotel. Airbnb almost makes you feel like the bed you are lying on, the room you are sleeping in, the roof above your head keeping you dry from the gentle drizzle outside is all part of your home.

Technically that is exactly what it is. You are sleeping in someone’s home. This offers you the amazing opportunity of interacting with the homeowner. They know a lot more about the locality and can offer you great insights that will ultimately make your travel experience all the better.

Airbnb claims that they don’t sell rooms. Instead, they sell experiences. And who can argue with them when they have a presence in almost every country and offer homestays that range from modest cabins to luxury villas, beach houses, condos and even tree houses (yeah you heard that right)

Don’t forget to put in an amazing review of your next Airbnb homestay!

So you have picked a location and booked your hotel room. But that still leaves the extremely essential step of getting to your location. And there is no travel app that is more convenient in compiling flight ticket details than Google Flights

Google Flights app

Google Flights

Google Flights uses Google’s extensive databases to track down every detail about every flight to your location. Everything from flight ticket prices to timings and duration is all available on google flights.

Originally launched in 2011, Google Flights was the first real game changer in the flight booking business. Even amidst a highly competitive market full of great apps for flight booking, Google Flight with its simple user interface and minimalistic design remains one of the most preferred travel apps by users around the globe.

Have you ever had to sit through the stale monotony of a late flight? Or perhaps you have had to wait around for your connecting flight to arrive. In dire times like this when boredom encapsulates you to the point that you are questioning reality and the nature of the universe around you, would you like to know of all the interesting things to see and do within the airport?

Airports are not all that boring and some airports actually have interesting things you can do. Maybe you want to visit the lounge? If so, then let us introduce you to FLIO.



FLIO contains an extensive database of hundreds of Airports around the world. So type in the name of the Airport you are in and FLIO will offer you a list of all the interesting things you can do there.

All the details regarding the airport lounge, medical center, and Airport Parking are available in this app. Furthermore, you can even track your flight and get the latest updates on the departure and arrival timings of every flight coming and leaving the airport.

FLIO simply takes away the tedious nature of getting stuck at the airport and is, therefore, a must-have travel app for travelers.

Alright, so you have booked your flight and your hotel, arranged your travel, know all the sights and activities you can pursue at your location. But now that you have finally reached your destination, what are you going to do about that grumbling stomach?

Worn down by hunger and want to experience some of the local treats? Look no further than Zomato.


Zomato is a restaurant review app that uses input from actual people who have been there. In essence, the map is very much like Yelp!.

Zomato is available in over 24 countries and has a very large catalog of restaurants near your location wherever you are. Zomato is unique in the way that it gives you access to the photos that other people have taken of their meals and experiences at the restaurant you are planning to visit.

They also have images of the menu available. So if you are far from home and are craving for some mouth-watering dishes around you then do check out Zomato as it is an amazing app that lets travelers connect with the local cuisine of their destination.

Moving on from these major apps we would like to present to you two more apps that will enhance your traveling experience. The first of these two is Waze.

Waze app


Waze is, quite simply, a map app that is optimized to alert you of the traffic situation around you. So if you are in a location that you are not really aware of then you can use Waze to avoid traffic jams and instead opt for the most convenient and hassle-free routes around town.

What is truly amazing about Waze is that they realize that traffic is more than just red lines on a map. Waze uses input provided from its users to warn you of traffic caused due to accidents that may have occurred up ahead on the road.

Everything that causes traffic features on Waze. You will find traffic alerts due to construction. closed roads and even police checkpoints feature in the world around you on Waze.

Finally to assist you in your travel plans is the trusty Currency converter app. One o the best apps in this segment is the XE Currency Converter.

XE Convert - travel app

XE Currency Converter

The XE Currency Converter is just a simple currency converting app that lets you know the latest currency rates. They provide timely updates and have the functionality to work offline too.

Although not as useful as some of the other travel apps mentioned on this list, XE Currency Converter will make your life a lot easier in matters of currency exchange.

Hopefully, this list of the best travel apps has eased some of the stress of traveling off your shoulders. Keep traveling and experiencing new things on every trip!

Written by Kristein

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