Top 10 Best Nightlife Party Places To Visit In Goa


Goa has always been the epicenter of party animals. It’s a dream for the youth to indulge in the ever intoxicating ambience of Goa. Not only the sands of Goa reflect the youthful vibe, but the nights of Goa are equally stirring. Let’s explore the 10 famous places to hang out at night in Goa for singles, bachelors and couples.

1. LPK (Love, Passion, and Karma)

If you’re looking for madness and hysterical thrill, you have to learn about this place in Goa. Located by the riverside of Nerul, this place is flooded with people from everywhere for a once in a lifetime experience. LPK Waterfront is located Nerul, Candolim of Goa. It’s dazzling interior will make you wonder whether you stepped into some humanly place or a wonderland. From sculpted status to riverside relaxing places, LPK has it all. The entry fee is only 1500 for couples and for single ladies it is free.

Unlike many other clubs in Goa, which plays trance and mainstream music, LPK likes to hit it with international hits and some Bollywood tunes. The LPK is so intelligently built with mud that the sound doesn’t reflect back as happens with concrete, which, allures music lovers even more. So to enjoy the divine atmosphere of the riverside walks with your loved ones, or to go bananas over the music, however you want to spend your time, LPK has it for you to absorb it’s spellbinding setting.

2. Curlies, South Anjuna Beach

Curlies is one of the famous beach shacks in Goa. It’s a shorefront location and wide-ranging menu pulls visitors from across the world. Curlies makes one’s trance, fantasy come true.

Curlies, South Anjuna Beach-Nightlife-party-spots-in-Goa
The music goes from sundown to up till the dead of night. Wait! That’s not it. Curlies have in their bucket lounge bar, fancy restaurants, well-furnished bars which brings you the finest firewater and music which stirs the soul. So come visit Curlies to let it drag your soul to the world of trance

3. Mackies Saturday Night Bazaar

If you’re a Shopaholic and you like handicrafts, this is the spot for you. This bazar is located on the Banks of River Baga, North Goa. From evening till late at night, this place swarms with the crowd. The lanes are delicately adorned with colors and artifacts. This bountiful bazaar gifts you with the river by its side flowing with its glittering water and the coconut trees exhaling the very essence of Goan life.


Not only this bazaar consists of natural eye catching mise en scène, but also consists of a dance floor. Now isn’t that just amazing? With a bunch of artists performing there, the mackies Saturday night bazaar is an ideal place to hang out and enjoy the Goan spirit.

4. Club Cubana

This club also catches attention when it comes to night life. Club Cubana is one the famous destination for people to party. The fantastic location under the star studded sky gives you the feel of your life. If you are a fan of dancing and you love outdoor party Club Cubana is the place for you. So come get high on the ambience of the club.

Club Cubana-Nightlife-party-spots-in-Goa

5. Waters Beach Lounge and Grill

The night life of Goa has always been fascinating to People all over the country. People has been frequenting Goa for its youthful vibe. Waters in Vagator, is an out of the box spot with its setting near the calm and dreamy Ozran beach, with the sparkling water reflecting the Goan sky. Its multiple leveled dining area gives it an exquisite look.

And the view from the top of the sun setting will take you to another world. Also, you can taste the Goan cuisines coupled with a few of their special servings. With the drinks and the cozy siting places waters is the perfect spot for you if you want to pamper yourself a little more.

6. Casino Pride

For those who want to gamble and try their fortune casino pride is the place for you. The exciting night life in there along with the games, both national and international adds to the whole dignified feeling. So put on your best clothes and join the game of gambling in this kickass place.

Casino Pride-2-Nightlife-party-spots-in-Goa

7. Leopard Valley

Another clubbing area in Goa in this place located in the valley of the village of Agonda. This open air night club gives you a grand entrance with a huge iron gate. At day the club showcases the greenery of the jungle and at night, it transforms into a psychedelic land with all the lights and the LEDs. So to booze and ignite your partying spree, visit the magical place of leopard valley.

Best-Goa-Clubs-Leopard Valley-Nightlife-party


8. Cavala Resort

Located at the stretch of the Baga Beach, Cavala esort will draw your attention. This resort more than 30 years old, attracts people from arounRd the country. The Cozinees and comfy of this place is worth a try. Hang out with friends or lovers, Cavala is one of the frequently visited resorts of Goa.

Cavala Resort-Nightlife-party-clubs-spots-in-Goa


9. Club Tito

This is one of the oldest night clubs in Goa. Club Tito’s wide range of alcohol and cocktails will give you thrills. It is one the top places to spend the night away in Goa.

Club Tito-Nightlife-party-clubs-spots-in-Goa


10. SinQ Beach Resort

What’s the ideal holiday idea? Go to a peaceful place and relax? Well SinQ gives you just the thing you want. Located at Tivai Vaddo, this tourist spot in North Goa provides travelers with the fun of various sports like scuba diving, water- skiing, wind-surfing and many more. The resort also features a pool and a magnificent gymnasium.

Wait! That’s not all! The resort also has a spa where you can unwind yourself and enjoy. So come feel at home at this calming and tranquilizing resort of Goa.

Written by Rhituparna Das

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