Essential Things to Pack for Winter Trips

Packing list for a Winter Vacation

Gather your gloves and sway that fur hoodie, as we get you the amazing winter travel hacks you cannot miss. With decreasing temperature every year we wait eagerly to plan for winter trips with loved ones. The level of excitement is so high that we make some silly mistakes which somehow ruins the imaginary happy map you made before leaving.

Winter trips are planned well in advance but along with stay and food do we really plan on our luggage or what if we get sick? Ever thought of carrying that huge rucksack with a sore throat or hefty jacket? Sad, isn’t it!

No worries! Just read the article below to quickly make that risky trip into a lifetime memory; of course without any failures or bad health. You need these hacks so grab your notepad and prepare a list for a sorted tour.

No Extra Baggage, Pack Less!

Winter travel packing tips

We understand that it will be damn cold and you need different outfits in hundreds of memories you will capture. But remember, that heavy weight of your luggage will leave you tired. Rather than sightseeing, you would then prefer to sleep and waste your exploration day 1.

The very important carry list must include: A good jacket (one with a fur hood would be much better), a pair of boots, woolen gloves, thermal wears, and a couple of head covers and if possible carry an earmuff. Add on some cotton to save your ears and nose from that freezing chills.

Ladies you can carry a stocking and use them with all your outfits. Go for a black velvet or woolen one if possible. It will keep you warm and will carry the outfits well.

So rather than carrying 2 to 3 hefty jackets and sweatshirts along with other extra accessories, just carry one good pack to support the entire trip.

Cards instead of Cash

Credit card vs Cash - Travelng tips

It is not your summer trip that along with light t-shirts and shorts that cash will be easily visible. What if you lose it or misplace it? A little bit of money is okay but a big amount can ruin the trip.

Nowadays ATMs and Banks are available everywhere and do not forget the online money transfer and payment options. Other than the cash losing reason you can also benefit if you use your debit or credit cards.

There are many restaurants and hotels that give you amazing offers if you swipe. Also, that travel entry in your bank passbook will be a good reflection of your transactions instead of just redeeming cash. Quality over quantity!

Capture your IDs

Always travel with your personal identification - travelling tips 101

At least once in our life it so happens that we need that identity proof badly and alas forgot. We all feel so silly that time but there is nothing we can do. Well, you can. Take pictures of all your important IDs and tickets and other documents you think would be required.

Obviously, you need to carry them with you. But imagine taking that pouch of documents for a single ID card every time. Instead, now you can just open the phone gallery and there it is! Simple, right?

Easy dry clothes

Keeping clo travels - Traveling tips

Take care of your woolen clothes and yes, the fur material too. Because if these fabrics get wet you are in trouble. The T-shirts and scarfs you carry, ensure that they are fabrics that dry up easily. Water and snow is not a good combination.

Even if you are visiting a place with no snow, the flash of cold air on your wet clothes will kill that happening vibe.

Less load on your Cell Phone

Battery management during travel

This one is for all the trips. Whether that may be winter, summer or spring. In this advanced world of technology, we get everything in a cell phone. Camera, music player, internet everything.

Just because the phone carries everything we do not bother to care about the idea that these multiple activities can drain the battery. Suddenly you need the phone for an emergency purpose but the on the way songs ate the charge!

Carry a power bank and an mp3 player to listen to songs so that the phone stays alive throughout the journey. Once you reach your destination or let’s say your hotel room, immediately charge your phone and the power bank.

Get a small camera to save space in your phone gallery and to avoid a dead phone battery.

Health first

Winter travelling tips for safety

That happiness on your face can be spoiled due to a carelessly planned outing. Especially when it is a winter trip, make sure that you carry a good health kit. There are many ideas available on the internet for a perfect travel health kit.

Throw some cotton swabs, band-aids, sickness tablets, a balm and other healers like antiseptic cream etc. Apart from these, please do not forget moisturizers.

Plastic Boots and not Leather

The right type of boots for Winter Trips

If you are visiting a snowy place, no doubt you need boots. Leather boots can be a bad idea at times if you know what happens when leather is wet. Simply horrible! Instead, carry plastic boots or there are other options available that will resist snow and water. Comfort matters more than flaunting your shoe collection!

Do not forget to carry good socks and boot cuffs along with your boots.

Rucksack and not Trolleys

Winter Traveling Backpacks

Here’s a big confusion for all the travelers, whether to carry or to drag. A rucksack or a bag pack is always a better option than a trolley. A trolley will give you less space than a rucksack. You can easily roll your clothes, tuck in your shoes and extra accessories along with other small items like soap and shampoo in a bag pack.

Another benefit of a rucksack is that you can carry it in crowded places. Holding it on your shoulders is better than picking the heavy trolley or suitcase. Imagine climbing a staircase with all that luggage. Will leave you exhausted and worse even before the adventure begins.

Select a good rucksack and arrange your clothes (roll them up) with other belongings. Leave a little extra space and there you go.

Hand Warmers

Hand Warmers for Winter Traveling - Traveling Tips

Last but not least! You might have not heard about this before. Basically, these are hot air packages. They get activated once exposed to air and stay the same up to 7 to 8 hours. Please read all the instructions carefully before using it. Like all other items, you will find the instructions on the back side of the packages.

You can get the hand warmers over the online shopping sites. Just search for them and there they are. For better results use the hand warmers in a closed area such as your gloves and avoid using directly on your skin. You do not need to shake the packet. Just expose it to air and it is activated.

This is just a short list of your winter travel hacks. We hope the tips were useful to you. Let us know if you have any other brilliant idea to make the winter tour amazing without taking any bad experience back home. Have a fun Winter!

Written by Kristein

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