Top 10 Famous Street Food Across India

Kebab famous street food across India

How often do you stop by the road and wish to relish the tantalizing street foods? Too often right? Every time you pass a street vendor, the aromas feel your nostrils and you melt into the divine world of street foods. So forget about the calories and dive into the tempting world of street foods. Here are some iconic street foods in India which have taken over the world!

1. Vada Pav

If you ask a Mumbaikar what are the essentials in life, he’ll say house, clothes, Vada Pav and other staples! This Indian burger has taken over India from centuries. The go to snack for all the Mumbai dwellers is so popular, now many shops have added Vapa Pav to their menu. It has become the bread and butter for people who want to grab a quick bite.

Vada Pav famous street food across India
The mushy potato dumpling tucked inside a fluffy bun, with all the spices blended into a perfect mix, is served with different kinds of chutneys. This flavorsome roadside snack, gifted by Mumbai, is worth a bite!

2. Puchka

The Bengal’s version of the Pani Puri, Puchka is Kolkata’s love. Whether hungry or not, there’s always place for Puchka. The delicately made puri, is a work of art itself. The small, round, hollow puri is fresh and crusty. The filling varies from state to state. The Kolkata special filling contains mashed potatoes blended with various spices and herbs and a dash of lime.

Kolkata phuchka famous street food across India
The stuffed puri is then served with tamarind water mixed with mint and other herbs. Once you put the skilfully made Puchka into your mouth, there’s an explosion of flavors! Served in a leaf bowl, Puchka steals the show when it comes to street food.


Kebabs have their origin in the Middle East. The perfectly cooked meat got it’s fame for it’s brilliant cooking method.

Kebab famous street food across India

The artistically cooked meat in the skewers tastes tender and divine. Nowadays there are variations to this dish, served with nun and various chutneys. This delicious street food is mouthwatering and aromatic. So if you want to go heavy on the stomach, try some kebabs!

4. Momos

Believed to have originated from the Tibetan region, Momos are absolutely adorable. This soft and luscious dumplings are flavor bombs in the mouth!

Momos famous street food across India
Whether steamed or pan fried, veg or non-veg, Momos are greatly admired. Cautiously made, this small, stuffed dumplings are served with different types of chutneys and sauces. So if you want to try something spicy, Momos are the thing for you!

5. Samosa

If you know a samosa lover, you’ve probably heard “nobody eats the crust of my samosa!” yes, this spicy and aromatic snack is many people’s favorite. Filled with cooked potatoes, lentils, cheakpea, and various other stuffing, samosas are a delight to have.

Samosa famous street food across India
This vegetarian delicacy, often served with mint or garlic chutney, are the absolute appetizer! And if paired with chai… well try it for yourself!

6. Pav Bhaji

This fast food from Maharashtra is a favorite among working people. Served with a thick curry (Bhaji), the Pav Bhaji is a tangy, flavorful snack that you can grab anytime, anywhere.

Pav Bhaji famous street food across India
The various types of this snack you can try are Cheese Pav Bhaji, Paneer Pav Bhaji, Fried Pav Bhaji, Mushroom Pav Bhaji and many more! So choose your flavor and enjoy!

7. Jhaal Muri

Jhaal Muri brings back the nostalgia and the memories from Kolkata. The very name of it connects with many bongs around the world. This Kolkata’s street snack, made with puffed rice and a load of other ingredients, will make you sweep off your feet.

Jhaal Muri famous street food across India
It’s so welcoming that, Angus Deenon, from London, took Kolkata’s Jhal Muri to serve to the people there! Now isn’t that convincing enough? So grab a bite of this street snack straight from Bengal’s heart!

8. Gola (Kaala Khatta)

Gola Or Ice Gola, is a popular ice Popsicle, made from crushed ice, poured with various flavorful syrup. This cold treat is popular during summer. Not only it is good to the tongue, it is also a visual treat to just watch those Golas being made.

Ice Gola famous street food across India
The most popular among them is the Kaala Khatta. Served in a glass, Ice Gola is an absolute frosty treat!

9. Budhiya Ke Baal (Cotton Candy)

This funnily named sugar treat is loved and adored by kids. The sugar, spun to a feathery state, wrapped around a stick, is something very dreamy to watch. Connected with every ones childhood, this sweet and lovely treat is the show stopper!

Budhiya Ke Baal (cotton candy) famous street food across India

10. Dosa

Brought from the south of India, Dosa is now a regular breakfast choice for most of the Indians. This comfort food from the south is crispy and filled with the aroma of curry leaves.

Dosa famous street food across India
The outer layer of the Dosa is made with ultimate love. Also, this dish has a variety of flavors from which you can choose.

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