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The Most Magical Time to be in the God’s Own Country

Best Time to Visit Kerala

Best Time to VIsit Kerala – Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, Kerala boasts almost 660,000 foreign tourist arrivals during the state’s ideal seasons to visit. Throughout the year, the land of Kerala witnesses different types of climatic changes and I am here to break it down in depth to you. By the end of this article, you will have made up your mind as to what you truly wish to experience when you visit Kerala.

Kerala often called “God’s own country” is a place which could appease anyone. From beach lovers to hill station buffs, Kerala ticks off all the boxes of ideal trip duration. With rolling hills and clear beaches, the place is all like the conventional tourist paradise. Along with this, Kerala is also home to some scenic backwaters, waterfalls with a lush green escapade and abundant fauna!

So, now that we have established that Kerala is an amazing place to spend your holidays, the natural question to ask will be which time? Which is the best month to visit Kerala? Which is the ideal season to roam around the streets of Kerala, drinking Morumvellum and eating Sadhya?

Kerala SadhyaWhen should you head to Kerala- a land in the wilderness which shocks you with its modernity and grandeur? Kerala, throughout the year, is pleasant, but there are only certain goodies which a True Malayali can only give to you. So let me elaborate and tell you all about the Best Seasons to Visit Kerala, along with information about the weather, climate and best attractions to see that time.

The best time to visit the backwaters in Kerala with your family and friends (yes, it differs when company differs) are all curated in depth in this article. We will also give you information about how each season treats a traveller and how you can quickly adapt to the climate of Kerala.

Allapuzha Kerala House boats- Best New Year party destination in India
Image Credit: Flick User – Jayasankar Madhavadas

The landscape of Kerala is green and serene with lush, rolling hills. The talisman of the state which is considered to be the monsoon blesses the state in abundance. Since the monsoon is plentiful, the state is usually always endowed with a sempiternal lush green façade. The first thought of Kerala also brings memories of the wet soil and the petrichor emulating from it.


Best season to visit Kerala

Though every day in Kerala is an unpredictable adventure, there are certain patterns or trends which are generally seen in the tiny Southern State of India. The seasons of the state are similar to the average climate of the whole country but with a tad bit more rain.

Arayakkool Kerala

The temperature of the different areas and regions of Kerala varies according to numerous factors. These factors include rainfall, humidity, etc. Different districts of the state fluctuate from a particular range. For more information regarding the current weather of a particular district in Kerala, Click Here.

The different activities and temperature in the various months of Kerala are given below.

Season Month Temperature Best Experiences and amazing things to do
Winter October – February 15 O C – 30 O C Backwater, Houseboat, Tree House, Beaches, Wildlife, Ayurveda
Summer March-May 31 O C – 35 O C Hill station, Wildlife, Tree House
Monsoon June – September 17 O C – 28 O C Ayurveda, Backwater, Festival, Waterfalls

Apart from the 3 common seasons throughout the country of India, the tourism industry of the state divided the year into three different parts.

Usually, there are 3 different tourist seasons which the Keralite soil encounters- Peak Season, Off Season, and Monsoon Season.

Peak Season which ranges from September to March, Off Season in Kerala which is from April to May and Monsoon Season from June to August.

Information about each of the tourist seasons is enumerated in depth here.

Kerala Peak Season

  • When: Starting in September and it lasts until the third week of March, with tourists flocking in and around the points of interest in Kerala. This is the time when the number of foreign tourists, as well as domestic ones, peak the charts.
  • Climate: Comfortable climate with elusive humidity levels.
  • Specialities: One of the biggest celebrations in the state happen during this time-Onam.
  • Disadvantage: being the peak season when most travellers visit, the rates are higher than usual and your budget will have to rise up a little.
  • Best Places to Visit during this time: Munnar, Thekkady, Kovalam, Alleppey, and Kumarakom
Munnar, Kerala
Picture Credits: Ravi Varghese (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.)

Off Season

  • When: April and lasts until the first week of June
  • Climate: High temperatures, so this period may not be suitable for foreign tourists. Humidity is also more, but Indian tourists do not find this unbearable.
  • Specialities: The second most famous festival or the New Year of the Malayalis is during this time which is called Vishu.
  • Disadvantage: The heat can get unbearable for travellers from colder regions of the world.
  • Best Places to Visit during this time: Wayanad, Munnar, Idukki, and Palakkad

Monsoon Season/ Ayurveda Season

  • When: Second week of June and lasts until the last week of August.
  • Climate: Erratic and unpredictable weather. Seas will be rough but your sprits will be taken care of because this is the season when Ayurveda and its practices are at its peak.
  • Specialities: As we mentioned above, Ayurvedic massages and treatments will be copious and it will cost you a less hefty fee for it.
  • Disadvantage: Traveling around and sightseeing will be difficult because of the ubiquitous rains all around the state. Don’t forget to carry your rain gear wherever you go!
  • Best Places to Visit during this time: Spas and Local Ayurveda Shaalas are a good option to explore. Apart from that, Periyar, Parambikulam and Eravikulam National Park are good places to rekindle your romance with nature. Apart from this, make sure to visit places of heritage and cultural value as well like Padmanabhapuram Palace, Hill Palace, and Mattancherry Palace.

Kerala kathakali

Kerala after Flood 2018

kerala flood
Image Credits: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

The floods which took place in August 2018 had a devastating effect on the tourism of the state. God’s own country was in rumbles and the evacuation process along with the tragedies was honestly so heartbreaking to watch. So, there was a huge halt in the tourism of Kerala in the year 2018.

But, the people of Kerala have gotten back stronger than ever. Today, the common folk of Kerala are rebuilding their homes from scratch.

If one goes to ends to describe the state, all the words in the English language would fall short.

Kerala steals the hearts of everyone who comes there. The beauty of the state and the generosity of the people here can never equate with other rivalling states of the country. If you found this article to be informative, make sure to share this article with all those who might want to visit God’s own Country any time soon.

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Written by Sruthi Nair

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