7 Offbeat New Year Party Destinations in India for Budget Travellers

New Year, New Me, NEW PLACE!


Which is the best New Year party destination in India? Which city or state is the most happening place to be during your New Year’s Eve? How can you welcome your New Year in the most exciting way possible without getting a hole in your pocket? Want to have a New Year Bash in one of the best Party destinations in India?

Thinking that the only foreign trips can make your New Year bashing is quite a big mistake as New Year Celebration in India is one of the greatest parties to be in. So, when you are in India, welcome the New Year with some excellent options where you can PARTAY!

We have given a variety of New Year Party Spots in India where you can drink and dance OR sit back and relax. So, let’s go through the Best Places to celebrate New Year’s in India one shot at a time.

1. The Seductive Sindhudurg

Malvan Beach Sindhudurg

Located in the Konkan strip of the state of Maharashtra, Sindhudurg is now slowly turning into a hub of all the people who crave a bit of the Vitamin Sea. The view at Sindhudurg is of pristine, clear waters with occasional corals and ocean plants.

Sindhudurg malvan Beach
Image Credits: Flickr User- Purnendu Singh

Spending your new year’s here will definitely give you one of those Goa type feels, along with the peace and comfort which Kerala offers. Basically, this place is a combination of Goa and Kerala- All minus the overbearing crowd!

  • Ideal Trip Duration: 1-2 Days
  • Budget Estimate: Rs. 4,000 per person for the entire trip including Scuba diving / Water Sports, Food, Stay, and all other expenses.
  • How to get there:  We are counting Tarkarli as the main point of the location as Sindhudurg is a general area.
    How to reach Tarkarli by Air- Tarkarli does not have its own airport and the nearest airport is Dabolim Airport in Goa. It is almost 80 km away from the center of Tarkarli. You will find ready cabs which take around 2 hours to reach the beach.
    Kolhapur Airport which is approximately 115 km away from Tarkarli, is another airport which is close by.
    How to reach Tarkarli by Rail-The closest railway station to the city is Kudal which is approximately 45 km further from Tarkarli. You will be able to take trains from all major cities like Mumbai, Pune, and other parts of Goa. Some of the main trains which pass through the location are Konkan Express and Mandovi Express.
    How to reach Tarkarli by Road- Malvan (Also a part of Sindhudurg) is a stop in the transit of the route to Goa. Most of the services which are started from the north of Goa, usually have their way through Sindhudurg. Reaching Tarkarli from Malvan is very easy as it is just 6 km away.
  • Places to be: We already told you- The Tarkarli beach is a meeting point of all adventure activities like Scuba diving. Apart from this, the Sindhudurg Fort is also a great option for trek lovers.
Tarkarli , Sindudurg Best Place for Scuba Diving in India

Image Credit : Flick User – Geraldine Pelkey

Our thoughts: The salty oceans kissing the shores at Tarkarli beach will definitely take with them your problems and give to you a new, rejuvenated version of yourself. Your new year will definitely be a rendezvous with a brighter, sweeter variant of your own self.

2. Goa

South Goa beach
Image Credit : Flick User – Nitin Vyas

The tiniest state of the country has a lot to offer in the Partying-department! Known to the whole world as the party capital of India, other foreign places cannot live up to the enthusiasm and vigour of the crowd here.


“Shacks” are popular hangout places here in Goa where you will get great food and drinks. Along with this, you can also dance here to loud, uninterrupted beats. Indigenous folk and foreign public mingle together on streets and restaurants, all coming together to truly have a good time!

  • Ideal Trip Duration: 3 Nights-4 Days
  • Budget Estimate: Rs. 8,000 per person including food, stay, alcohol and other expenses. (Water sports extra- optional)
  • How to get there: We will be taking the capital city of Panaji as the main point of the “How to Reach Goa” section. So all the descriptions will be with regards to the capital of the state.

How to reach Panaji by Air- Dabolim Airport, is the main aerodrome of the state and it is located approximately 26 km away from Panaji. One can easily hire a private vehicle or take public transport to reach Panaji.

How to reach Panaji by Rail- The two main stations of the state include Vasco Da Gama and Madgaon. The frequency of the trains touching these two stations is quite high and one can book a cab from outside the station to Panaji, which is 38 km and 28 km from Panjim respectively.

How to reach Panaji by Rail A drive to Goa from Bangalore or Mumbai can be taken through NH 4 route, convenient and smooth while people heading to Goa from the Mangalore side will have to ride through the scenic backdrop of the NH 17.

  • Places to be: There is a multitude of options from which you can choose for the places to be in Goa. If you want more of a happening place to party and dance, Baga beach (North Goa) and its shacks are phenomenal. Whereas if you are looking for someplace where you can make a bonfire and cuddle close with your loved ones, Miramar beach is a secluded and silent beach located almost at the centre of the state.
    Do you want to explore the Nightlife in Goa? Are you wondering which the best things to do in Goa are?

Water Sports activities in Goa PricesOur thoughts: The day and night merge together in the state of Goa because all hours are capable of having the most splendid dance session. This means that you will be able to unleash your inner performer whenever you want.

If you are more into adventure and thrill, you can also indulge in some water sports while you are in Goa.

Is sleep really that necessary? How much can you chug in the day and still be able to stand? These are some of the questions which you will be able to experiment upon when you are here.

3. Puducherry, Bienvenue a la Paris de l’est

Seafront promenade Pondicherry
Credits: Richard Mortel from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia [CC BY 2.0 (]

The famous Union Territory of India (prior French colony) still holds its name for being the Paris of the East. Canary colored roofs of buildings adorn the streets and the area within the 3 km radius from the Mahatma Gandhi statue are nothing short of a modern French wonder!


Great restaurants also dot the roads of the UT with mind-blowing French Dishes all with a tinge of Indian splattered on them.  You can simply ride a rented scooter (or better even a bicycle) around the 3+3 km diameter of the city.

Christmas in Pondicherry

During the New Years’ Time, Pondicherry or Puducherry is lit up in its entirety and firecrackers light up the sky making it a sight of a lifetime.

  • Ideal Trip Duration: 3 nights- 4 days
  • Budget Estimate: Rs. 8,00010,000 per person including all expenses such as vehicle, food, stay, alcohol (Stay is slightly more costly here).
  • How to get there: This UT is extremely accessible and the easiest ways to reach are given below.

How to reach Pondicherry by Air– Puducherry has an airport but the maximum landing capacity there is limited. So, your safest bet would be to get down at Chennai airport and catch a vehicle from there. Frequent flights touch the Chennai airport as it is one of the main airports of the country.Right outside Chennai airport, there will be many taxi cabs (both prepaid and postpaid) which will offer to drop you till the hotel of your choice in Pondicherry.

How to reach Pondicherry by Rail– The closest railway station from Pondicherry is Villupuram (35 km far) and you can easily hire a cab or catch any public transport facility from the station.

How to reach Pondicherry by Road– Since the UT is located on the National Highway 45, it is a part of the circle which connects Chennai, (150 kilometers from Pondicherry) and Bangalore (320 kilometers from Pondicherry).

The nearest major city from Puducherry is Chennai and the East Coast Road which interlinks the two locations has a breathtaking view of the Bay of Bengal and the nearby coastal settlements.

  • Places to be: When you are in Pondicherry, also pay a visit to the little town of Auroville right next to it where you will find a large number of “Hippie folk” drifting from place to place. You can also visit the Aurobindo Ashram for a more peaceful new year.

Our thoughts:  Say “Oui” to good food and even greater joy! When you are in Pondicherry, exclusive French cafes and high standard restaurants will be abundant. But we recommend that you visit one of those eateries on the road which serve delicious meat varieties in both Indian and French Style.

4. Go Go Gokarna


Gokarna, a hidden gem located in the coastal areas of Karnataka, is an ideal location for having a soft, private unravelling session from your hectic corporate life.

place of Lord Mahabaleshwara Gokarna, Karnataka

Gokarna is also a Hindu pilgrimage centre along with being a beach location. People come here come with two motives in mind. First is to attain the blessings of Lord Mahabaleshwara and second to relax at the beach. So this makes it a must-have on our list of places to be during the New Year’s.

  • Ideal Trip Duration: 2-3 days
  • Budget Estimate: Rs. 4,000-5,000 per person including all expenses
  • How to get there: The main ways to reach Gokarna (Air, Rail and Road) have been elaborated below.

How to reach Gokarna by Air– Dabolim airport in Goa is the nearest one to the town of Gokarna. It is approximately 3 hours 55 minutes, i.e. 156.7 km away from Gokarna. The airport is well connected with almost all major cities of the country as well as some foreign nations as well.

From there, you will be able to hail a taxi or bus or even a train to reach the town.

How to reach Gokarna by Rail– The closest railway station near the city center is Gokarna Road, which is approximately 8 km away. It is a small railway station and therefore has a limited number of trains which halt there.

The nearest railway hub near Gokarna is Ankola, which is around 20 km far from the city center.

How to reach Gokarna by Road– As far as the connectivity goes, it is true that the most convenient way to travel to Gokarna is by road. Gokarna is linked well by road with its neighboring cities. Direct busses as well as private taxis can be taken to reach this town. Nearby cities like Panaji, Dabolim, Bangalore, Mangalore and others have busses to Gokarna at regular intervals.

If you prefer a more comfortable journey, you can also have a road trip by taking your own private vehicle.

  • Places to be: The Half-Moon Beach or the well-known Gokarna Beach are two viable options where you can spend your new year’s eve.
Gokarna Beach
Image Credits: Infoayan [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

Our thoughts: The few days you will spend in Gokarna which is quiet, secluded beach paradise near Goa, you will be conflicted between having a loud party-like time or a serene time meditating or rejuvenating from the hush-hush of usual life.

5. Alappuzha, The Venice of the east

Allapuzha Kerala House boats- Best New Year party destination in India
Image Credit: Flick User – Jayasankar Madhavadas

In the beginning of this article, we promised that all the trips included in this article will budget friendly. So adhering to that promise, here is the next place on our list which is the Venice of the East- Alappuzha.

Being a small part of the tiny state of Kerala, this place, (Previously called Alleppey) is a paradise for nature lovers.  More than thousands coconut trees will be visible to you as you float through the lagoons and backwaters of this place. Along with this, fireworks will also embellish the night sky during the New Year’s.

Pookotu lake Wayanad Kerala- best place to visit in Kerala
Image Credit : Flick User – Ani KC

The prime time to visit Kerala and other beautiful places to visit in Kerala and Alappuzha can be viewed on our website.

Coconut trees adorn the area as you float through lagoons and backwaters in a houseboat. The privacy of you and your loved one is respected in a houseboat which turns into a love boat. So if you want to spend your New Year’s with the love of your life relaxing in some calm place and open a wine bottle and still manage to have fun without the blaring noises, Alappuzha is the place for you.

  • Ideal Trip Duration: 2 Nights, 3 Days
  • Budget Estimate: Rs. 9,000-10,000 per person including all expenses such as food, stay, travel, sightseeing, and others.
  • How to get there: Wondering how to get here? Here are the ways:

How to reach Alappuzha by Air- The Kochi Airport or the Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport to reach the town of Alappuzha, located at a distance of 75 km. This airport is one of the most well connected airports in the country and international flights also land here, making it easily accessible to citizens across the globe.

One can easily book a taxi or take a bus to reach the town of Alappuzha from the airport.

How to reach Alappuzha by Rail- The nearest railway station to the city center is the Alleppey (Alappuzha) Railway Station and it is a major stop in this route. This station is interlinked within the region of Cochin and Trivandrum.

How to reach Alappuzha by Road- Almost all major cities in Kerala are linked by Kerala State Run Transport Corporation buses. Similarly, there is also a complete list of Luxury air-conditioned buses which run from cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mysore and Coimbatore to this town.

Regular buses also depart from Kochi, Kottayam, Kollam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode, Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore to reach Alappuzha.

If you wish to take your own vehicle, National Highway-47 passes through Alleppey, which also transverses through Ambalapuzha and Cherthala cities.

  • Places to be:  Alappuzha Beach, Vembanad, Marari Beach, Pathiramanal Lake.
Kumarakom house boat vembanad lake, kerala
Image Credit: Flick User – Nirmal Murarka

Our thoughts: Whatever you do in Alappuzha, definitely take the houseboat trip because what else could be more fun than floating under a starry sky in the water?

6. The Princess of all Hill Stations in India, Kodaikanal

Image Credit: Flickr User – oochappan

Kodaikanal located in Tamil Nadu is one of the best hill stations the Western Ghats has to offer. The misty mountains form a part of the Western Ghats on the western side of South India.

The area comprises of pastures and grasslands, all combined by a thick forest cover. These features of the place earned it the name- The Princess of all Hill Stations in India.

  • Ideal Trip Duration: 3 nights – 4 days
  • Budget Estimate: Rs. 5,000-6,000 per person (or less) for all expenses.
  • How to get there:

How to reach Kodaikanal by Air- The closest airport to Kodaikanal is Madurai, which is located around 120 kilometres away from the city center. Other minor airports include Trichy airport and the Coimbatore airport, which are respectively 150 kilometres and 175 kilometres away.

From the airports, there are multitude of options like private buses or cabs/taxis which can be taken to reach Kodaikanal.

How to reach Kodaikanal by Rail- Kodai Road, is about 100 km from the center of the town, which is the main station near Kodaikanal.

From there, one can take a taxi but the rates are not budget friendly.

How to reach Kodaikanal by Road- If you prefer the convenient way of self drive or hiring a private vehicle, Kodaikanal is locaated at a distance of 439 kilometres and 305 kilometres from Chennai and Bangalore respectively.

By road, it is just about 3.5 hours away from Madurai.

There are many bus services which take you to Kodaikanal at a very competitive rate as well.

  • Places to be: Kodaikanal Lake is famous for its beauty, other than that, Bear Shola Falls, Dolphin’s Nose are also major attractions there!

Kodaikanal (Kodai) Tourist Place

Our thoughts: For a more of a placid kind of a New Year, where you can peacefully sit next to the fireplace and unwind, you can opt for Kodaikanal.

7. Mastiwaali Mumbai


What introduction does Mumbai need when it comes to Parties? The party capital of the country, Mumbai has a number of options to offer you for New Year’s Eve.

Mumbai juhu beach - Best New Year party destination in India
Image Credit: Flick User – Twist and Tell Photography

You can go clubbing in some of the best-known clubs in India and dance to the beats of some well-reputed DJ. Or you can opt for a calmer New Year by visiting Marine Drive with your buddies and sit by the sea and listen to music on your phone while the fireworks illuminate the sky.

  • Ideal Trip Duration: 2-3 days
  • Budget Estimate: 12.000 per person
  • How to get there: Reaching Mumbai will not be a difficult task as it is one of the most inter-connected cities in the world from all parts of the world.

How to reach Mumbai by Air- The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. The Santa Cruz Domestic Airport which is the domestic airport of the city is also very busstling, with flights taking off and landing in every minute or so.

How to reach Mumbai by Rail-  All those trains which depart from the Central, East and West India go to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, or CST, whereas the trains proceeding to Mumbai from the North arrive at Mumbai Central Station. 

This just shows how extremely well linked Mumbai is with the cities and towns of India by trains.

How to reach Mumbai by Road- Mumbai Central Bus Station, in the very city centre, is the prime bus terminal. Most buses services of the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) fucntion from here.These buses provide luxury, semi-luxury, express and passenger buses for destinations in the state itself.

Inter-state buses are also available from here for almost all important cities in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka.

Self drive options are also plenty as Mumbai City is connected well with numerous national highways. For travelling from Pune to Mumbai (150 km), one can drive through the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, which will take less than 3 hours.

You can also go from Goa to Mumbai via NH 17 and NH 66, which takes around 12 to 13 hours depending upon traffic.

  • Places to be: Hard Rock Café, Tryst, are some of the higher end nightclubs here. You can also spend your time in Marine Drive or some other low-end nightclubs. The nightlife in Mumbai just never stops!
Gateway of India Places to visit in Mumbai in a day
Image Credit: Flick User – fotocircle

Our thoughts: The options don’t end there, but whichever one you choose to do, you will have lots of fun and the perfect start to a blasting New Year. That’s for sure!

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