9 Must Visit Places In India, Before You Die!

Gulmarg gondol best to visit places in India
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The Golden Bird of the world is always a place which fascinates people from far and wide. Who can find a country so beautiful yet so modest in its charm? If you are an Indian and feel that you are yet to discover this splendid country, no need for more search! And if you are not from the country of India and wish to fall in love with this land, keep reading, here are a list of 9 most beautiful places which will stupefy you here in India and mind you, these amazing places should definitely be there on your list of places to must see in India before you die.

1. Gulmarg- Gorgeousness at Its Grandest

According to Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, “If there is a heaven on Earth, it is here!” This is what is said about the beauty of the fruitful valleys of Kashmir. Although a bit difficult to access, Kashmir is considered to be the Switzerland of the East. But our favorite location to visit within Kashmir was Gulmarg.

Gulmarg gondol best to visit places in India
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Gulmarg literally means the meadow of flowers, but we don’t know if it stands true to its name due to its perennial snow caped landscape, it definitely doesn’t shy away in the department of gorgeousness. The aesthetic snow caped land stretches far into oblivion and you and your loved one can make a snow man and snow angels to your fill.

To reach the place where snow shrouds the entirety of your background, you need to take a Gondola (Cable Car). That in itself is an amazing experience. But once you reach the top, you will realize what Paradise in its true sense means.

2. Taj Mahal – The Terrific Taj

They say that no life is complete without seeing the Taj Mahal. Rabindranath Tagore calls it as ‘a teardrop on the cheek of eternity’. As it is considered to be the epitome of love and passion, coming to the city of Agra to see the monumental wonder that is the Taj will definitely broaden your sense of the world. Stand in the magnanimity of the majestic monument and feel small in front of its grandeur.

Taj Mahal best to visit places in India
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Listen to the tales of tragedy and love as the queen of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s death caused the construction of this tale bearing mausoleum. This gesture might seem a bit extreme to you, but in the language of Mughals, and especially in that of Shah Jahan’s, love triumphs everything.

Roam and pay homage to the sarcophagi of the ruler and his beloved Mumtaz Mahal. And in the end, don’t forget to take the cliched yet memorable picture in front of the Taj, trying to hold it with just two fingers!

3. Lustrous Lakshadweep

Known as the coral capital of India, Lakshadweep is a must visit destination as India couldn’t be prouder about some location in the country. Located close to the coast of Kerala in the Arabian Sea, the islands are a bit difficult to access but always worth the trouble. Give yourself a chance to have a dip in the clear, salty waters of Agathi or any other beach and you will be cleansed, literally and figuratively.

Lakshadweep Beach best to visit places in India

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I would say from personal experience that you NEED to take a scuba diving session at least once when you’re there and see the beautiful coral reefs by yourself. Lose yourself and sway with the waves at the bottom of the world along with the most beautiful coral reefs in the country. I assure you that it will be the best few minutes of your life. Your eyes will be dazzled when you look at the coral reefs in Lakshadweep.

4. Hypnotizing Hampi

Few people visiting Hampi today would believe that they are standing on the ruins of what was at one point of time the second largest city in the world after Beijing and arguably the richest in the world. It would be very difficult for them to imagine the power, prestige and position that this vast field of ruins once enjoyed in Indian and world economy and politics.

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For tourists Hampi offers a vast ocean of history embedded into the very land itself. Here palaces and temples and monuments older than time itself are strewn across the vast landscape, waiting for the visitors that come in droves.

Hampi is easily accessible by regular buses and trains connecting Hospet with all major cities including Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Notable places to visit include Virupaksha temple, the Royal palace and its environs, as well as numerous other surviving temples and structures.

5. Goa 

Have you ever heard of a person who lives in India and hasn’t seen Goa? If you said “Me” to the question, then you have to pack your bags and leave right now! Most people believe that Goa is a place to just chill and spend time with your family and literally get drunk on the good life. But I believe that it’s much more than that. Goa has a rich history filled with potent figures and splendid spaces.

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So in my opinion, if you want to pass quality time with your loved ones, also take them too one of the most happening party places to visit in Goa, that is the Nightlife there. Goa should be on your list and even if you’re in the mood for some charismatic chapels and tale bearing-temples. With beaches and forts and temples and cathedrals and museums, Goa just checks off most things for an ideal vacation.

In your last few days in Goa, you can sit back on the beaches with sunscreen lathered all over your body and go back to your place with a tan as bright as the sun and memories as fond as ever.

6. Shillong – Scintillating Shillong

Shillong often termed as the Scotland of the East, is a cool place which warms the heart! The pollution free air will cleanse your lungs and purify your soul and by the time you leave the place, you will be craving for more of fresh fragrance of the mountains. So it’s time you visited the amazing Khasi hills and take a walk in the vivacity of the meadows and valleys of Shillong before you leave the country.

Shillong living root bridge best to visit places in India
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Living Root Bridges have to be one of the most famous attractions of the state which is called the “abode of clouds”. Didn’t understand? In the dense forests of the land, rivers cut the green into parts. And to cross those rivers, these living root bridges come into picture. These are living bridges which help you reach from one place to another.

In case you are overwhelmed by these, I will add more things to that list of attractions which are there in the magical abode of clouds which will make you eager to book that ticket. Lakes, mountains, monasteries are all regular features of the place.

7. Chitorgarh Fort

As the largest fort in the country, Chittor fort will stun you with the maginitude which will make all other historical monuments you have seen seem minuscule. With its construction shrouding in mystery and doubt, it was in the hands of the famous Mewar dynasty for a long period. It spreads over a hill 180 m in height sprawling over an area of 280 h) above the plains of the valley drained by the Berach River.

Chitorgarh fort- best to visit places in India
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The two towers embellishing the vast area that the fort covers, namely Vijay Stambh and Kirti Stambh are well known across the globe as the most poignant symbols of victory and success. Chittogarh, in itself, is a great embodiment of versatility and perseverance as the fort was considered impregnable in its golden days. Who says that we can’t learn life skills from monuments? One can learn so much from this majestic fort which will make your proud life a bit more humble.

8. Munnar

Green tea plantations in steep hills with mist blanketing the whole area, a slight chill in your spine and a pleasant breeze blowing through the place. What better place could there be? Doesn’t the modest description only make you wish that you were running through the steep hills of Munnar, brushing your hand gently against the tea plants with the love of your life? For me personally, I want to be there most days of the week.

Munnar-best to visit places in India
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And that is how it will be for you if you set foot into the “Mistical” land of Munnar. The green just calms your nerves and soothes your eyes. So don’t forget to add Kerala, the most literate state of the country into your bucket list of places to be. For once it’s there in your list, it will be there forever. It’s a place which you can never get enough of, you’ll be wanting more and more. Always returning to your list even after you have visited it times.

9. Ladakh

Most of us wished as children to be able to go the Moon. But sadly, that wish never came true. But Ladakh provides us with the closest equivalent to the majestic moon that is Lamayuru, the moon land in Ladakh. With craters and mountains exactly like the surface of the moon, Lamayuru is a must see for everyone, not just Indians at least in this lifetime.  Lamayuru is not the only attraction in Ladakh, with picturesque lakes and mountains and even their very own desert, Ladakh is a spectacle for the eyes.

Ladakh best to visit places in India
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It is said that lakes in Ladakh show the truest and the purest reflection of who we are. So do go to wonder that is this place and get lost in wondrous creation of magical artist. It is also said that when we see the reflection of our self in those clear waters, we realize who we truly are and what we truly want to become.

Located in the northern most part of the country, the Himalayas span over the area bringing forth a thousand different geographic entities which you need to see before you die.

Written by Sruthi Nair

As a travel buff, I believe that one life is not enough to see all the places in this planet! Why search for heaven up above when it is right beside you? I call myself an ardent believer of following your (dream) destinations! Join me on this journey of discovering more of this amazing Earth one article at a time.

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