Top 5 Best Places To Go Skydiving In India


Where is the best place in India for skydiving? How would it feel to view the world from 10,000, feet?? Brilliant, right?

Humans always wanted to fly and experience the whiplash of the wind in the face. Isn’t it absolutely thrilling to even think about it? Now people can try for themselves the pounding of the heart given by the thrilling sport of skydiving. Here are the top five spots for skydiving in India.

1. Mysore, Karnataka

The Chamundi hills in Mysore witnesses a lot of people coming down to engage themselves with the sport of skydiving. The interested people have to go through a training and then they’re good to go. The average expense for a person is around Rs.39,600/-.

Best Places For Skydiving In India
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The prices see a rise during the holiday season. But you can always enjoy camps arranged at the spots. So get ready to glide over the clouds and feel the cold wind in your soul over the hills of Mysore.

2. Aamby Valley, Maharashtra

Get ready for the mesmerizing adventure in the hills of Aamby Valley just in the heart of Maharashtra near Pune and Mumbai. People gather there to explore the vibrancy of the nature from bird’s eye view.

Skydive at India Sky Adventures
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During the months of December crowd gathers to have a look at the enchanting Sahyadris. So be ready to feel the thrill of skydiving above the magical hills of the valley.

3. Dhana, Madhya Pradesh

This spot in Madhya Pradesh arranges tandem jump for interested sport junkies. People have to go through various training until finally they can take the glorious leap. Prices go up during the weekends and but in the end, it’s worth all the adrenaline rush.

best skydiving places in india

4. Mehsana, Gujarat

Mehsana excites many travelers not only from India but from around the world to experience the pacing of the heart under the brilliant sky of Gujarat. It provides professional courses for those who are eager to glide above the land of Gujrat.

skydiving places in india
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People also try solo fall without instructor, but for that one has to go through a training of two to three days.

5. Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu

Pondicherry is also a great spot to try skydiving in India. The serenity of Pondicherry along with the thrill of skydiving will add to the whole vibe of your adventure. There are a lot of spots where you can go through extreme training for your first glide. The landscapes of the place will feed your ever hungry adventurous soul.

best skydiving-in-india
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So book a ride and visit the tranquil place of Pondicherry for your first skydiving experience.

Written by Rhituparna Das

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