Most Popular Attractions of Phi Phi Island – A Complete Tour Guide

Maya Bay Island Beach

The star studded capital of tourists in Thailand, Phi Phi Islands act as a place where travelers from all across the world come to bask in the glory of islands’ beauty. The luxurious hotels and resorts in Phi Phi islands and tour packages of Phi Phi Islands which span across all of the islands are a very hard deal to resist.

You can opt for it as a trip from Krabi or from Phuket and have a splendid holiday in the amazing spectacle of nature. The beach in the movie “the beach” with Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the beaches here in Phi Phi islands.

You can spend your time on beach chilling or you can get your heart beating fast with scuba diving or snorkeling in Phi Phi islands. But the activities to do in Phi Phi Islands are unlimited. So when you are in Phi Phi islands, be sure to be on the rocks and have the time of your life.

Climate/Best Time To Visit Phi Phi Islands:

The best time to visit Phi Phi islands is the same as the best time to visit Krabi or Phuket. The climate of Phi Phi climate is very comfortable to be in during the course of the year. But the Phi Phi islands’ tourist season is November and April. There may be occasional showers but it’s nothing which will trouble you.

How to Reach Phi Phi Islands:

There are two options for you to reach Phi Phi Island. You can go from either Krabi or Phuket. And from either of these places you can take a speedboat or a ferry. Ferries take around 2 hours to reach the islands and the speedboat takes around 1.5 hours. The cost of the speedboat will be around 650-700 THB plus 400 THB for government expenses.

Ideal Trip Duration For Spending Time In Phi Phi Islands: 2-3 days. But most travelers finish it off in one day.

Amazing Things to Do In Phi Phi Islands:

  • Shark Watching– Underwater animals have always been a great fascination of human beings, but sharks operate on a higher level as humans’ obsession with sharks has been here since time immemorial. So watch these creatures swim in oblivion at the bottom of the sea.


  • Cliff Jumping– I know, sounds deadly, but you’ll be completely safe as you jump into the sea. (Sorry for another scare). You will have to climb a cliff and jump from the cliff to the water. So jump into the bluest seas and experience the truest meaning of “Letting go”.
Jump off a cliff! Phi Phi
Image Credit : Flick User – williamsaar
  • Snorkeling and Undersea Diving: these are two of the most common activities to do in Phi Phi Island, so don’t miss that.
Snorekling at Phi Phi Island
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  • Hire a long tailed boat and drift through the sea and let the unexpected traveler in you come out.

Long Tail boat Phi Phi Island, Thailand

  • Watch a fire show and get the glow of the fire reach to you in the midst of the performance. But remember, don’t get too close for you might become one of the entertainers there.


  • Sit by the Maya beach like Leonardo DiCaprio and spend the entire day sitting on the beach getting tanned and feel like the renowned actor. Basically all we are saying is that you literally just sit there gazing at the boulders which stand in front of you.

Maya Bay Island Beach

Maya Bay Closes Down For Four Months Every Year

The decision taken by the Thailand’s national parks and wildlife department on March 28th 2018 to prohibit entry to the famous Maya bay (which rose to fame after the Leonardo DiCaprio starring super hit movie ‘”the beach”). This decision has been taken to protect the marine life and the biodiversity of the famous ecological harness. So every year, the bay will remain closed for around 4 months (March-June) every year.

Official Source

Places To See In Phi Phi Islands:

Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint: The phenomenal view point which can be accessed after a small trek from the Tonsai village. This viewpoint is the most famous location of Phi Phi islands.

Phi Phi Don ViewPoint
Image Credit : Flick User – Kullez

Maya Bay: The famous location from the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio named “The Beach”. LDC’s reaction towards the beach is more than justified, as the beautiful location will take your breath away. But make sure to not go during the months of March, April, May and June as it will remain closed during that time.

Viking Cave: This is a cave like structure in Koh Phi Phi Leh will remind you of the pirate life you always imagined yourself to have. But the entry to these caves are prohibited as there are several indigenous birds which have made their nests there and have to be preserved.

The Viking Cave on Phi Phi Ley
Image Credit : Flick User – momo

Bamboo Island: The amazing trees and the salty winds are enough to make you seem like you are a million kilometers away from all the worries that threaten your existence. Earlier there were lots of bamboos that existed on the island, so the name fell.

Bamboo Island Beach
Image Credit : Flick User – Bamboo Island Beach

How to Tour In Phi Phi Island?

There are two options through which you can tour in Phi Phi islands.

  • One is to book a private tour in which you can change the itinerary according to your needs and fancies. In this, the speedboat will stop according to your timings and will depend on how much time you want to spend in one spot. But this will be comparatively costlier compared to the other option.
  • The other option will be to book a group tour in which you will be taken to tour around the island according to the pre-decided tour which won’t stop according to your needs or time frame. This will be your cheapest option.

The former is obviously the better option but due to the increased cost of the private tour, most people opt for the latter option. So feel free to choose the way you want to tour Phi Phi islands, or more so according to the budget.

Some Famous Islands Of Phi Phi Islands Include:

Phi Phi Don Island– Which is where all the magic and crowd is. The famous Tonsai Bay is also situated in this island which is the landing pier of the whole island. There are many famous beaches and resorts here in Phi Phi Don.

Phi Phi Don Island, Tailandia
Image Credit : Flick User – Edgardo W. Olivera

Phi Phi Leh is the home of the famous Maya bay, Viking Cave and the Phi Leh Bay which are also very famous tourist spots which attract thousands of tourists from all across the globe.

Phi Phi Leh, Thailand

Image Credit : Flick User – Phi Phi Leh, Thailand

 Koh Bida Islands, which are predominantly famous for scuba diving and snorkeling and other water sports.

koh-bida-nok Island

Some Problems You Might Face:

Language is a great barrier when it comes to traveling within Thailand. If you are fluent in the Thai language, then there is no visible problem which awaits you. But otherwise, it would be quite difficult to converse.


It is most commonly said that Thailand primarily functions on smiles. Everyone here is polite and cordial with all the tourists. So next time you meet a native here in Thailand or Phi Phi, say Hello – Sawadee khrup/ka. The people here are also not very fixated on what other people are wearing or doing, so you can do whatever you want to (but please don’t go around littering).

Amazing fun awaits you at Phi Phi islands, so don’t forget to spend some time there if you are visiting Thailand. Book flights to reach the land of Phi Phi now. But do come back to our site later and tell us how much our article helped you.  

Written by Sruthi Nair

As a travel buff, I believe that one life is not enough to see all the places in this planet! Why search for heaven up above when it is right beside you? I call myself an ardent believer of following your (dream) destinations! Join me on this journey of discovering more of this amazing Earth one article at a time.

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