9 Low Budget Holiday Places in India that You Probably Didn’t Know

Jaipur-Budget Places in India
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Do you only visit places in your head? Does your soul wander to many places but you don’t want to be a spendthrift? No worries! Here are some dirt cheap places you can visit in India!

1. Kasol 

Kasol is a village in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It stands near the banks of Parvati River.

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This getaway destination is one of the cheapest. One can take the buses to reach there which costs around Rs.340/-. You can set up camps there. The food and the scenic beauty all costs less than Rs.3000/-. The Kheerganga package also adds to the adventure of Kasol. The total amount will be around Rs.6000/-. The package trip to Kasol will provide everything from mouthwatering food to amazing time amidst the tranquility of the place. So pack your bags and head to the village of Kasol to explore the soul warming beauty without worrying about the expense.

2. Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal as dubbed as the “princess of hill stations” lies in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu.

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This place provides yummy food at very low price. Experience the comfort of delicious food and sensational travel starting from just Rs.200/-.

3. Goa

Goa has always been the perfect destination for people to hang out with their BFFs or just wander about on the golden beaches.


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There are numerous activity to do in Goa which is cheap and thrilling. To booze in the glittering sands of Goa is a dream for the youth. Well, good news! The beer comes at just 30 bucks!

4. Jaipur

The pink city offers an easy on the pocket deal for travelers. An average stay in Jaipur costs Upto Rs.500-1000/-per day. You can also relish the luscious cuisine of Jaipur for a price of Rs.50/-.

Jaipur-Budget Places in India
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Yes! It’s that affordable! The restaurant food goes from being Rs.120/- to Rs.1000/-. So come to the magnificent city of Jaipur to enjoy the deals without hurting your pocket.

5. Ooty

The luring hills of Ooty in south India is one of the best places you can visit to experience a soothing display of nature from an altitude of 2286m. The enchanting forests and greenery of the hills is captivating. Accommodation in Ooty depends on the packages you choose.

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For a 2 days 3 nights stay you have to pay only Rs.4000/-. You can explore the botanical gardens and the famous Ooty lake within the packages. So come in search of peace in the angelic hills of Ooty.

6. Darjeeling

The tranquilizing town of Darjeeling in the state of west Bengal is where the magnificent Kangchenjunga, the world’s third highest mountain is situated. For people of west Bengal Darjeeling rhymes with holiday! It’s been the ideal spot to take one’s family and friends for a delightful holiday. Now you can also visit this place at a very low cost of under Rs.6,000/-. The local taxis take Upto Rs.1,500/- to Rs.2,000/-.

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The hotel accommodations will cost you around Rs.3,500 and food for Rs.1,000/-per day including all the meals. The budget can vary depending on the type of hotel. So what are you waiting for? Come stopover at this beautiful town to introspect into yourself to bring out your peace of mind.

7. Meghalaya

Meghalaya, one of the sisters in the north east, is the place where the clouds dwell. Meghalaya is the house of natural minerals and stunning picturesque which has been engaging travelers with it’s bewitching beauty.

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And guess what? The traveling comes at very affordable price. The fares for the deluxe couches is only Rs.150/- per person. It ranges from 250 to 300 depending on the places you travel. The hotel rooms costs Upto Rs.1375/-. It can also be cheap as Rs.600/- to Rs.800/- per night for some hotels. Come treat your eye to the green extravaganza and absorb the spiritual aura of Meghalaya.

8. Spiti

Spiti means the middle land, which implies the land between Tibet and India, situated in the Himalayan part of the north eastern region. To reach there you need to spend around Rs.4000/- which is quite cheap.

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The taxi fares costs up to Rs.3,300/- per day. So pack your bags and do a budget trip to the stunning valley of Spiti.

9. Dharamshala

The Dalai Lama’s residence, Dharamshala is the city in the state of Himachal Pradesh, is located 18 kms from Kangra. As selected by PM Modi as one of the Indian cities to be developed under the smart cities mission, dharamsha is the center to many tourist expedition.

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The travel there is cheap from Rs.10-15 by local bus to Rs.2,500 to Rs.3,000/- by taxi, which will take you from Pathankot to McLeod Ganj. The prices may vary according to the packages provided. To experience a spiritual awakening trip, come visit the serene hills of Dharamshala.

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