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Deconstructing Dubai Visas: A Manual for Indian Applicants

Submission and Processing: What Happens After You Apply for a Dubai Visa

Dubai Visa Process

Dubai, the glittering jewel of the Middle East, has become an increasingly popular destination for Indians looking for adventure, business opportunities, or simply a memorable vacation. To ensure a seamless travel experience, it is crucial for Indian travelers to understand and follow the Dubai visa application process accurately.

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions, tips, and insights to successfully apply for a Dubai visa. From understanding the various visa types to gathering necessary documents, and from submission to approval, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive in and make your dream trip to Dubai a reality!

Dubai Visa Application Process for Indians – Explained in Detail

Types of Dubai Visas

As an Indian traveler, before applying for a Dubai visa, it’s essential to determine the appropriate visa type for your visit. Dubai offers various visa categories, including:

Tourist Visa: For individuals visiting Dubai for leisure or to explore its iconic landmarks and attractions.

Business Visa: For entrepreneurs, investors, and business professionals attending meetings, conferences, or exploring potential opportunities in Dubai.

Transit Visa: For travelers in transit through Dubai to a third destination and require a short stay in the city.

Student Visa: For individuals pursuing full-time education in Dubai.

Employment Visa: For those intending to work and reside in Dubai for an extended period.

Residence Visa: For family members of residents in Dubai.

Visit Visa: For individuals visiting friends or family residing in Dubai.

Each visa type has its specific requirements and permissible duration of stay. Ensure that you select the appropriate visa category based on the purpose and duration of your visit.

Do Indians need Visa for Dubai?

Yes, a visa is required for Indian nationals to enter Dubai. Indian nationals who have valid visas for the US, UK, Schengen, etc. do not need a separate Dubai (UAE) visa; instead, they can enter Dubai (UAE) based on their existing visas for these countries immediately after landing by completing a brief form and receiving a visa on arrival, valid for up to two weeks.

Is Visa on Arrival available for Indians?

The Dubai visa on arrival (VOA) is one of the Dubai entry visa options available to citizens of India. However, in order to apply for a VOA, you must have a certain passport or visa. Indians may apply for VOA if they have a valid US visa, green card, UK visa, or EU visa that has at least six months left on it.

Indian nationals can obtain a 14-day visa upon arrival in Dubai (UAE). It is only valid for Indian citizens with a valid US visa, and it may only be renewed once for an extra 14-day term.

Indian nationals must meet stringent requirements in order to get a UK, EU, or US visa (or green card).

If Indians don’t meet the requirements, they won’t be able to receive a VOA.

1 in 10 persons do not receive their visa on arrival, therefore VOA acceptance is not a certainty.

Who Is Eligible For A Dubai Visa On Arrival For Indians?

An ordinary Indian passport is required to be eligible for a Dubai visa on arrival for Indian citizens. Additionally, you need to own:

  • You hold a current US visa, or
  • You hold a current Green Card from the United States.
  • Your Schengen or EU residency visa is current.
  • Your visa to reside in the UK is current.
  • The US, UK, or EU must grant visas that are valid for at least six months.

Visa Fees for Indians

Type of Visa Validity Fees
Tourist 30 days Approximately INR 7,000 to INR 8,000
Tourist 90 days Approximately INR 18,000 to INR 22,000

UAE Tourist Visa Processing Time

Regular 30 days The processing time for a regular tourist visa is between 5 to 6 working days. This visa is valid for 60 days from the date of issue.
Regular 90 days The processing time is between 5 to 6 working days. This visa is valid for 60 days from the date of issue.
Regular 14 days The processing time is between 5 to 6 working days.
Express 30 days The processing time for express tourist visas is between 2 to 3 working days. This visa is valid for 60 days from the date of issue.
Express 14 days The processing time is up to 48 hours.

Documents Required for Dubai Visa Application

Original Passport, at least 6 months validity: A valid passport with a minimum of six months validity from the date of travel. Photocopies of the passport’s bio-data page and any previous UAE visas. First and last page of your Passport (scanned colour copy)

Passport size photograph with white background: Recent passport-sized color photographs meeting the specified requirements (usually white background).

Confirmed return tickets: Confirmed round-trip flight itinerary showing entry and exit from Dubai.

A confirmed PNR (Passenger Name Record) before boarding at any Indian airport is mandatory for you to obtain the Visa on Arrival hassle free.

Proof of hotel reservation: Proof of hotel reservations or accommodation details for the duration of your stay in Dubai.

Bank statement: Bank statements showing sufficient funds to cover your expenses during your stay in Dubai.

Travel Insurance: Travel insurance coverage for the duration of your stay in Dubai, covering medical expenses and emergency evacuation.

Dubai Visa Stamp

Application Process

The application process is a critical step in obtaining your Dubai visa. Follow these steps for a successful application:

  1. Visit the official website or the respective visa application center’s website. – click here
  2. Choose the appropriate visa type and fill out the application form with accurate details.
  3. Double-check all information before submitting the form to avoid errors.
  4. Pay the visa processing fee using the available payment methods.
  5. Once the payment is confirmed, you’ll receive an acknowledgment with a reference number.
  6. Keep the reference number safe, as you’ll need it to track the status of your application.
  7. Remember, a well-filled and error-free application significantly increases your chances of visa approval.

Check the website regularly to stay updated on your visa’s progress, and be prepared to receive the decision.

Airport in Dubai that commonly offer visa-on-arrival services include:

Dubai International Airport (DXB):

This is the primary international airport in Dubai and one of the busiest airports in the world. It generally offers visa-on-arrival services for eligible travelers.

Some Dubai Tourist Visa/Immigration Interview Questions

  • What is the purpose of your trip to Dubai?
  • How long do you plan to stay in Dubai?
  • What activities do you intend to engage in during your stay?
  • Where will you be staying during your time in Dubai?
  • Can you provide details about your travel itinerary?

Embassies in India

Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in New Delhi:

Address: 12, Chandragupta Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110021

Phone: +91 11 26111111

Consulate General of the United Arab Emirates in Mumbai:

Address: Maker Chambers IV, 10th Floor, Jamnalal Bajaj Marg, 220, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400021

Phone: +91 22 6741 5000

Visa Approval and Rejection

Upon completion of the processing period, you will receive a notification regarding the approval or rejection of your visa application.

In case of approval, follow the guidelines provided to collect your visa. If your application is rejected, you may be informed of the reason. Common reasons for rejection include incomplete documents, discrepancies in information, or failing to meet eligibility criteria.

In case of rejection, you can consider reapplying with the necessary corrections or appealing the decision, if applicable.

Visa Collection and Port of Entry

If your visa is approved, you can collect the physical visa sticker from the visa application center or receive it via mail, depending on the option chosen during the application.

Upon arriving in Dubai, ensure you comply with the port of entry’s rules and regulations and provide all necessary documentation when requested.

Overstaying and Extensions

Be mindful of the visa validity and duration. Overstaying your visa in Dubai can lead to severe consequences, including fines, deportation, and potential bans on future visits.

If you need to extend your stay, apply for a visa extension well before your current visa expires. Remember that not all visa types are extendable, so plan your stay accordingly.

Travel Insurance

While traveling to Dubai, having comprehensive travel insurance is highly recommended. Travel insurance protects you from unexpected events, such as medical emergencies, trip cancellations, or lost baggage.

Ensure your insurance covers the entire duration of your stay and provides adequate coverage for various potential situations.

Tips for a Smooth Application

To enhance your chances of a successful visa application, consider the following tips:

  • Apply well in advance to allow ample processing time.
  • Double-check all documents for accuracy and completeness.
  • Be honest and transparent during the interview.
  • Keep your reference number safe for tracking purposes.
  • Maintain sufficient funds to support your stay in Dubai.

The Dubai visa application process for Indians can be a straightforward and rewarding experience if you are well-prepared and informed. By understanding the different visa types, gathering the necessary documents, and following the application guidelines, you can increase your chances of visa approval.

How long does it take to process a Dubai visa for Indians?

The processing time for Dubai visas varies depending on the visa type, but it usually takes anywhere from 2 to 10 working days.

Is it necessary to book an appointment for a Dubai visa application?

Some visa types may require an appointment for biometric data collection and an interview, if necessary.

What should I do if my Dubai visa application is rejected?

If your application is rejected, you can consider reapplying with the necessary corrections or appealing the decision, if applicable.

Is travel insurance mandatory for visiting Dubai?

While travel insurance is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to have comprehensive coverage for unexpected emergencies during your trip.

Can I extend my Dubai visa if my travel plans change?

Depending on the visa type, some visas may be extendable. If you need to extend your stay, apply for a visa extension well before your current visa expires.

Written by Jahnavi Mistry


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