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10 Best Tourist Places to visit near Delhi for one day / 2 days Weekend Trips

Capital of the Mughal Empire, Fatehpur Sikri, India Weekend getaway near delhi
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This weekend, break free from the monotonous routine of your daily life and take a short weekend trip to places near your city. If you stay in Delhi and are unsure about the exact details of the nearest weekend getaways from Delhi, then here we are, with all the information needed for organising a trip from Delhi. You can go to these weekend trips by car or you can also take a train to most of these places.

Let it be for a short one day outing, or a 2 day trip, places to visit near Delhi are innumerable. So here is the list of weekend destinations near Delhi, within 100km, 200km and 300km.

Weekend Getaways from Delhi Within 100Kms, 200kms, 300kms to 500kms

  • Jaipur | Distance from Delhi – 283 kms | Route Map
  • Dehradun | Distance from Delhi 255 kms | Route Map
  • Shimla | Distance from Delhi 350 kms | Route Map
  • Agra | Distance from Delhi 213 kms | Route Map
  • Chandigarh | Distance from Delhi 250 kms | Route Map
  • Amritsar | Distance from Delhi 457 kms | Route Map
  • Fatehpur Sikri | Distance from Delhi 222 kms | Route Map
  • Nainital | Distance from Delhi 287 kms | Route Map
  • Rishikesh | Distance from Delhi 226 kms | Route Map
  • Vrinadavan | Distance from Delhi 162 kms | Route Map

1. Jaipur

Being in the Golden triangle of the country, the roadways to go to Jaipur from Delhi are smooth and comfortable. You can always grab a few things and leave for a quick vacation any time you like.

You will witness the pink city enlarge before your eyes with the views from amazing forts and palaces.  People who stay in Delhi should count their blessings for people in other metropolitan cities of India don’t get to go to Jaipur every week, even if they want!

Jaipur is best weekend getaway near delhi
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Located In:  In the state of Rajasthan, on the golden triangle.

Distance from Delhi: 283Km

Places to see: Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal, City palace, Jantar Mantar

Best time to visit for Weekend Trips: November to February

2. Dehradun

The tourist places in Dehradun will give you an enigmatic view of the whole landscape of the better part of northern India.

As most of you know, the tourism in Dehradun and Uttarakhand is growing at an exponential rate and people from all parts of the country are coming here. Join the bandwagon!

Dehradhun best weekend getaway near delhi
Image Credit : Flick User – Vinay Chauhan

Located In: Uttarakhand

Distance from Delhi: 255 km

Places to see: Rajaji National Park, Tapkeshwar temple, Sahasradhara, robbers cave

Best time to Visit for a Weekend Trip: March to June

3. Shimla

Shimla city is an expression of beauty and serenity and the hand of god was certainly prominent in the making of this place! Enjoy the various fun activities there like toy train in Shimla, the beautiful ridge, the cheap hotel stay and be amazed by the never ending list of points of interest!

Shimla after snowfall

Image Credit : Flick User – chabungbam surchandra singh

Located In:  Himachal Pradesh

Distance from Delhi: 350 km

Places to see: Kalka Shimla railway, Jhakhoo, The ridge

Best time to Visit for a Weekend Trip: March to June

4. Agra

What to see in Agra? The beautiful Taj stands proud, waiting for your arrival. No matter how many times you have seen the Taj, you can always drop in on a weekend and be amazed by the magnitude of the structure.

Agra also has other tourist places of interest like Agra fort and more.

AGRA weekend getaway near delhi
Image Credit : Flick User – inigolai

Located In: In the state of Uttar Pradesh

Distance from Delhi: 213 km

Places to see:  Taj Mahal, Agra Fort

Best time to Visit for a Weekend Trip: November to March

5. Chandigarh

Lutyen’s New Delhi shies away when it comes to the well planned Chandigarh. With amazing budget hotels in Chandigarh and also hotels like Taj spawning the area, you will find your cup of tea quickly in Chandigarh.

The master planning of Le Corbusier did definitely not go in vain!

Chandigarh weekend getaway near delhi
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Located In: Union territory which serves as the capital of both Haryana and Punjab

Distance from Delhi: 250 km

Places to see: Rock Garden, Sukhna lake, Zakir Hussain Rose garden, Open hand monument

Best time to Visit for a Weekend Trip: mid-August to November

6. Amritsar

The history of Amritsar city gives away most of the top tourist destinations in Amritsar with great ease. With some of the best Dhabas in the world giving you the best food, Amritsar city has a lot to offer all the people who come from different parts of the world, and specially Delhi!

Bask in the beauty of Golden temple and also see the Vaga border and salute the Jawans who spend day and night protecting us.

Sunset at Golden Temple, Amritsar Weekend getaways near delhi
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Located In: Punjab

Distance from Delhi: 457 km

Places to see: Vaga Border Jallianwala Bagh, Akal Takht and Golden Temple

Best time to Visit for a Weekend Trip: November to March

7. Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikhri, the amazing architectural city, built by Mughal emperor Akbar, is an amazing tourist place with so many points of interest like Buland Darwaza, Diwan-i-khas, and the famous Jodhaibai palace.

The very plan of Fatehpur Sikhri is dotted with so many tourist attractions like Jama Masjid and Panch Mahal. Nearby Agra, you can easily combine your weekend trip with Taj Mahal.

Capital of the Mughal Empire, Fatehpur Sikri, India Weekend getaway near delhi
Image Credit : Flick User – sandeepachetan

Located In:  Near Agra.

Distance from Delhi: 222 km

Places to see: Panch Mahal, Lotus throne, Diwan-I-Khas, Jodhabai palace

Best time to Visit for a Weekend Trip: October to March

8. Nainital

The cuddly, snuggly climate of Nainital will compel you to stay indoors by the fire, romancing with your loved one. The weather is an absolute bliss there! But don’t you get forced by the temperature there, for splendid tourist locations beckon you to visit them in Nainital!

Various points of interest like Naina Peak stand there with lustrous beauty which will make your eyes shimmer.

Naini Lake Nainital Uttarakhand weekend getaway near delhi
Image Credit : Flick User – siddhartha das

Located In:  Uttarakhand

Distance from Delhi: 287 km

Places to see: Nainital Lake, Mukteshwar temple, Naina peak, High altitude zoo, eco cave garden

Best time to Visit for a Weekend Trip: March to June

9. Rishikesh

Rishikesh river rafting has bound to be one of the most sought after tourist activities in the whole country! The Ashram, the temple, the hotels, everything has got a specific charm to enchant the tourists there.

The holy city of Rishikesh Is right there for you when you need it, for if you are not into religious stuff, you can surely enjoy in the Beatles ashram if you are a fan of music.

Rishikesh weekend getaway from delhi
Image Credit : Flick User – Amritash

Located In:  Uttarakhand

Distance from Delhi: 226 km

Places to see: Laxman Jhula and Ram Jhula, The Beatles ashram, Shivpuri, Triveni Ghat

Best time to Visit for a Weekend Trip: March – April to first week of May.

10. Vrinadavan

The evergreen city of Krishna and his dancing Gopikas come to mind when anyone thinks of Vrindavan. Become immortalized in the holy gardens where Lord Krishna is said to have played his Basuri and have enthralled all the species there! The temples here, most people say, are the most peaceful in the whole world!

Vrindavan Ghat Weekend Getaway from Delhi
Image Credit : Flick User – rajkamal sahu

Located In: Uttar Pradesh

Distance from Delhi: 162 km

Places to see: Prem Mandir, ISKCON temple, Banke bihari temple

Best time to Visit for a Weekend Trip: October to March

If you live in Delhi and have not seen these places within 500kms of Delhi, then you need to visit right now! 

Written by Sruthi Nair

As a travel buff, I believe that one life is not enough to see all the places in this planet! Why search for heaven up above when it is right beside you? I call myself an ardent believer of following your (dream) destinations! Join me on this journey of discovering more of this amazing Earth one article at a time.


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