Where to Enjoy Nightlife in Mumbai?

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Are you a party freak who cannot be tamed? Does that rush feel good when you are dancing at 3 in the night with your best buddies to blazing music? Forgetting all your worries and swaying to the fast beats of Electronic Music? Maybe you are. In that case, this article will greatly benefit you as we are giving you a list of the best places to go clubbing in Mumbai.

But maybe you are not a night owl who likes to drink his/her problems away and rather likes to stay on Netflix and binge watch the latest television series. But, as one says, one must have an experience of everything. So, this weekend, ditch the old pyjamas and put on a new attire and head straight to the nearest pub where you can dance the night away.

Whatever it is, even if clubbing is not your cup of tea, you will be filled extreme astonishment by the fact that there are people who would spend their whole night in strange places, drinking and dancing!

If you are not a citizen of the wonderland of India which is Mumbai, then all this may seem quite extraordinary and even strange to some extent. So, if you are in the city by any chance, go clubbing one night and you will find the best of friends in the most random places.

Mumbai Nightlife Photos

Are you still unsure if you want to spend your night in the midst of dripping, adrenaline ridden tweens? If you want to know what it actually looks like, then we have given a list of photos of Mumbai nightlife at its best.

Furthermore, you should note that some of our pictures are from our private collection. Mind you, not everyone is a party animal, but Nightlife in Mumbai is something which will be your cup of tea.

Don’t believe me? Check for yourself.

Nightlife in Mumbai Marine Drive

Would you like to spend the night snuggling beside your loved one in the open air rather than scooting up to strangers? Then, head to Marine Drive and find the truest essence of Mumbai ingrained in every droplet of water present there.

Marine Drive at NightThe lights, the thin crowd, the whistling wind and the gentle waves caressing the rocky shore, everything is pure gold here! The wind speaks of stories which are ages old and if you listen closely, you will also hear the loud sound of the city wailing.

Marine Drive at Night life
Image Credit : Flick User – shetty_vikas

You can also plug in your earphones and pretend your life is a music video. Sit by the sidewalk and whisper to the waves and they will tell you a thousand words in return. At night everything there is magical!

After a while, way after you have had your fill with the sea and its stories, make sure to lie on your back and join the dots with the stars.

Mumbai Nightlife for Singles

Are you planning to go stag for a night out? Are you in the club of “Pyaar Ek dhoka hai”? Whatever it is, make sure to head to the nearest club you see and do your jam in front of a large crowd. Who knows, you might even find new interests there!

How does the stag entry or ladies free entry work in Mumbai? Are you wondering? Well in this article, we have given everything about how you need to do, what and when during a night out in Mumbai.

Well if you are unfamiliar with the term stag entry, it basically means this- A solo male entering the club is either charged or free. Some clubs have free stag entry but most of them have free ladies entries. This is to promote more and more ladies to enter the club after late hours.

Since Mumbai is considered to be one of the safest places at night for ladies in India, ladies fret not, for no one will even glance twice in your direction if you are alone. But of course, that doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t be careful.

Anyway, either a male or female, most prominent clubs have paid entry. So, make sure to carry enough cash with you for the night. Keep it safe in an inconspicuous place and you will be good to go.

Mumbai Nightlife Tips

  • Ladies, this tip is for you- If you plan on dancing all night long in those heels, which will be brutal murder of your legs. So, make sure to carry extra shoes if you are keen on wearing heels. If not, ditch those heels for those comfortable flats and dance your night.
  • Be sure on whom to trust and whom not to, because many people will come to you giving you free drinks, so use your judgement appropriately.
  • Remember to carry your water bottle and chug down that because too much alcohol and too little water can be dangerous to your body.
  • It would be advisable to spend your money on alcohol outside the clubs because the drinks which you will get in the pubs and clubs will be hideously costly. So, getting drunk from inside the club isn’t really an option.
  • If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, make sure to say a firm no. No one should force you to do anything which you don’t like. Whether it is legal or illegal.

Mumbai Nightlife Guide

So, this is like an example which we have given for the night. You can spend your time like this and to be completely honest, the night I endured didn’t go as planned at all. But still, it was so much fun even though we couldn’t have it our way. So, this is like a brief itinerary or your evening and the morning afterwards which will give you a complete rendezvous with our beloved, Mumbai.

A Night at Yeda Republic, Juhu Mumbai

Yeda republic Juhu Mumbai

Out from work, head home and get dressed for a night you will remember.

head out to the nearest restaurant which you want to go to. Have your dinner there and start your drinking. (If you are into alcohol) Note, if you are planning to drink from inside the club, you will literally have a hole in your pocket. But, if you don’t really care about money that much, then don’t worry.

Take a taxi cab and roam around the city, while drinking. Bask in the glory of the beauty that Mumbai is. The chaos in the streets, the hustle and bustle. Sit around the busy, chaotic Mumbai, and trust me, that is the time you will feel truly engulfed in the nightlife of Mumbai

Embark on the journey that is to the nearest Club, in our case, it was the Yeda Republic. Go there, it will still be early and you will still find people setting up chairs and tables. Mingle with a few people, make a few friends, and click a few pictures in the ambience.

let’s get this party started!

Or till whenever they don’t shut the place down- Dance like there’s no tomorrow. Scream on top of your lungs and jump and act like a hooligan. There is literally no one to stop you. But of course, don’t act out and harm others. That’s the only thing that you aren’t allowed to do.

Take a cab from there and don’t worry because it will be lined in front of the club and go straight to Marine drive.

Stay there and watch the sun come up and all the darkness that was there in the world go down.  We cannot describe how amazing this feels when you have had a night full of alcohol and very little food. Spend a little time at Marine Drive in the early hours when there is no crowd and you will be rejuvenated.

head to your place or the nearest McDonald’s or some other café which opens that time and have hot coffee and waffles for breakfast.

Hope you had a good night! Now, what do you think of Mumbai?

Best Nightclubs in Mumbai to dance the night away

Now that we have given the complete itinerary of the night and how you must spend your time, we will give you your best options. We have given down below a variety of places which will amaze and enthrall you for a night out. Some of the main nightclubs in Mumbai are given below.

Aer Worli

Image Credit : Zomato

• Location: Worli
• Price For Two: Rs.4000/- with alcohol
• Happy Hours: 5 PM to 8 PM

3. One too many – Regenzza by Tunga
Image Credit : Zomato

One too many – Regenzza by Tunga

  • Location: Vashi
  • Price For Two: Rs.2,200/- with Alcohol
  • Opening Hours: 24 hours
Radio Bar, Bandra
Image Credit : Zomato

Radio Bar, Bandra

  • Location: Khar West
  • Price for Two: Rs.2000/- with alcohol
  • Opening Hours: 7 PM to 1.30 AM
Skyy by Ramada, Powai
Image Credit : Zomato

Skyy by Ramada

  • Location: Powai
  • Price For Two: Rs.3000/- with alcohol
  • Happy Hours: 5 PM to 8 AM
Dome – Intercontinental, Churchgate
Image Credit : Zomato

Dome – Intercontinental

  • Location: Churchgate
  • Price For Two: Rs.3500/- with alcohol
  • Opening Hours: 5 PM to 1.30 AM
Play – The Lounge, Lower Parel
Image Credit : Zomato

Play – The Lounge

  • Location: Lower Parel
  • Price For Two: Rs.1700/- with alcohol
  • Happy Hours: 12 PM to 8.30 PM

Barking Deer

  • Location: Lower Parel
  • Price For Two: Rs.1700/- with alcohol
  • Happy Hours: 12 PM to 8 PM

To say that these are one of the best ones in Mumbai is like touching the tip of the iceberg. Mumbai city consists of much more things and its nightlife can never fit into one article. But, we tried. So if you go to one of these places and have something to tell us, make sure to comment down below and we will be delighted to read your comments.

Nightlife may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But what you have never experienced it? Before leaving this Earth, try every legal thing there is. So, why not try this.

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