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Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world in Indonesia. It is renowned for its stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches, rich culture, and vibrant traditions. Bali’s tourism industry has been a significant driver of the local economy, attracting millions of visitors each year from all around the globe.

Bali, known as the “Island of the Gods,” is a paradise destination that attracts travellers worldwide. With its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality, Bali offers every visitor a unique and unforgettable experience. 

Bali is an island and province of Indonesia, located at the westernmost end of the lesser Sunda Islands, between Java to the west and Lombok to the east. It is known for its stunning natural beauty, vibrant culture, and rich history. Bali is a beautiful and scenic place for tourists to travel and have the best time. If you love Goa, you will love Bali as well! Bali is indeed worth visiting. 

If you are planning a trip to this enchanting island, here are the top 10 best places to visit in Bali:

Best Places to Visit in Bali & Top Things To Do – 2023

1. Ubud – The Cultural Heart of Bali

Speciality: Ubud is a charming town in central Bali’s lush greenery. It is renowned for its artistic and cultural heritage, making it a perfect destination for those seeking a taste of traditional Balinese arts and crafts. Explore the famous Ubud Art Market, witness mesmerising traditional dance performances, and visit the sacred Monkey Forest to immerse yourself in the island’s rich culture.

Ubud Scenary

Located: 37.5 km from Denpasar Airport

How to reach: The quickest and most convenient method to travel from Ubud to Denpasar Airport is via taxi, which will cost you 250,000 IDR and take one and a half hours. Public transport costs 13,200 IDR and takes two hours and thirty minutes from Ubud to Bali airport. 

2. Tanah Lot Temple – A Majestic Sea Temple

Speciality: Perched on a rocky outcrop along the southwest coast of Bali, Tanah Lot Temple is one of the island’s most iconic landmarks. With its stunning sunset views, this ancient Hindu temple offers a magical and spiritual experience. The temple’s unique offshore setting makes it a photographer’s dream and a must-visit location for any traveller to Bali.

Tanah Lot Temple

Located: 27.1 km from Denpasar Airport

How to reach: The Jl. Bypass Tanah Lot Road, which connects Kuta to Tanah Lot, is just 21 km long and takes around 45 minutes to go from Kuta to Denpasar Airport. Taxis are the best and most cost-effective mode of transportation to Tanah Lot Temple, the solution to the issue of how to get there.

3. Uluwatu Temple – Spectacular Clifftop Views

Speciality: Uluwatu Temple is another breathtaking Hindu temple perched atop towering cliffs overlooking the Indian Ocean. The temple’s location provides visitors with awe-inspiring panoramic views and a chance to witness the traditional Kecak fire dance during sunset, creating an unforgettable memory.

Uluwatu Temple

Located: 21.7 km from Denpasar Airport

How to reach: Hiring a private vehicle or driver is the most convenient method to go to Uluwatu Temple from Kuta or Seminyak. With this choice, you may travel easily and comfortably while also unwinding and taking in the view. A cab, which is often available in these locations, is another option.

4. Tegallang Rice Terraces – Nature’s Green Canvas

Speciality: The Tegallalang Rice Terraces, located in the Gianyar Regency, offer a stunning panorama of rice paddies sculpted along the contours of the landscape. As you explore the terraces, you will be captivated by the beautiful green hues and the traditional Subak irrigation system, which has been used for centuries.

Tegallang Rice Terraces

Located: 46.2 km from Denpasar Airport

How to reach: The region is located around 30 minutes north of the core of Ubud. Take Jalan Raya as far east as it will go from the heart of Ubud before turning north. You’ll arrive at Tegallalang and be able to view the terraces on your right after around 9KM. Near the rice paddies is a sizable parking lot where you may leave your car.

5. Nusa Penida – A Pristine Island Escape

Speciality: Nusa Penida, an island located southeast of Bali, offers a tranquil escape from the bustling tourist spots. With its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and unique natural formations like Kelingking Beach and Broken Beach, Nusa Penida is a paradise for nature lovers and those seeking tranquillity.

Nusa Penida

Located: 41.4 km from Denpasar Airport

How to reach: The easiest way to reach Nusa Penida is through Bali. Get down at Sanur Beach, and hire a boat called Jukung which will take you to the island in around 90 minutes. It costs INR 190 to board a boat.

6. Seminyak – Beaches and Luxury

Speciality: If you’re looking for a blend of beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and luxury accommodations, Seminyak is the place to be. This upscale coastal town offers an array of trendy beach clubs, high-end boutiques, and world-class dining experiences, making it a popular destination for jet-setters.

Located: 10.7 km from Denpasar Airport

How to reach: Grab charges between 60,000 and 70,000 IDR for a cab from the Denpasar airport to Seminyak, whereas a taxi at the airport would start at 350,000. Prior to going to the designated Grab pick-up location, you must first log into the airport WiFi and place your order in the main lobby.

7. Mount Batur – A Sunrise Trekking Adventure

Speciality: Mount Batur is an active volcano located on the island of Bali, Indonesia. It is one of the most popular trekking destinations on the island, offering breathtaking views and a unique experience for tourists and adventure seekers alike.

Mount Batur

Located: 80.1 km from Denpasar Airport

How to reach: The quickest and least expensive ways to go to Mount Batur are by bus from Ubud to Kintamani, then by minivan, which will cost you about $3 (INR 200). One must take a cab at approximately 2 am from Kuta to Mount Batur to arrive on time, as the sunrise hiking tour is the most well-liked.

8. Bali Snorkelling at Blue Lagoon Beach – Explore the Pristine Water

Speciality: Bali’s Blue Lagoon snorkelling is a popular and exhilarating activity that allows visitors to explore the vibrant marine life and crystal-clear waters of the Blue Lagoon, located near the coastal town of Padangbai on the eastern side of Bali.

Blue Lagoon Beach

Located: 56.5 km from Denpasar Airport

How to reach: The Blue Lagoon Beach is easily reachable from any part of Bali, although it is especially convenient from Kuta, Seminyak, or Jimbaran in the south. In one hour and thirty minutes, go by automobile along Jalan Bay Pass Ida Bagus Mantra to reach Padangbai in the east.

9. Monkey Forest – Bali Swing

Speciality: The Bali Swing is a popular adventure and tourist attraction in the Gianyar Regency of Bali, Indonesia. It has gained immense popularity among visitors for offering thrilling swings that provide panoramic views of lush greenery and scenic landscapes.

Bali Swing

Located: 37.4 km from Denpasar Airport

How to reach: One of the greatest and most well-known swings in Bali is called the Bali Swing, and it can be found at Jl. Dewi Saraswati, 80352 Bongkasa Pertiwi, Kapubaten Bandung, Bali, Indonesia. From the heart of Ubud, it takes 20 minutes, and from Kuta, it takes 1.5 hours. Daily hours for this attraction are 8 am to 5 pm.

10. Tirta Empul – The Holy Water Temple

Speciality: Tirta Empul is a holy water temple located near the town of Tampaksiring. This sacred site is renowned for its purification pools, where locals and visitors participate in traditional cleansing rituals. The spiritual energy and serene ambience of Tirta Empul make it a remarkable and culturally enriching experience.

Tirta Empul

Located: 54.7 km from Denpasar Airport

How to reach: If you are in Ubud, head northeast towards Tampaksiring. Tirta Empul is situated in the Tampaksiring area, and it should take around 30-40 minutes by car or scooter to reach the temple, depending on the traffic.

If you want stunning beaches, adventures, cultural heritages, rich cuisines and traditions? Bali is indeed the place for your family and friends!

Written by Jahnavi Mistry

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